Deleter's Disquisition was started in 2005 under the title Qbasic rants. Back then it was hosted on geocities. At that time I had written my first article and felt the need to host it on the net. Regardless of the net's opinion on that, I found geocities as a viable option and started it up. Since then I've moved to freebasic, c++, c#, and python as well as a better host.

As far as the man behind the site goes, I won't bore you with the details. I began programming in qbasic at the age of eleven because the notion that I could create those video games I had become addicted to was too strong to resist. Since then I have picked up java, c++, c#, scheme, vba, python, and freebasic, as well as html, CSS, and javascript. My hobbies outside of programming and gaming include robotics, reading, writing, and robbing ba- er, nevermind ;). Anyway I'm always glad to discuss my articles, so if you feel the need, shoot me an email at deleter8 _at

Cheers and thanks for reading!