Freebasic Bitmap Font Library

A small static lib in freebasic that does some pretty simple printing routines. While not particularly ingenious, it nevertheless makes it really easy to use custom bitmap fonts and saves time for the fun stuff when coding a game. It works with any bit mode so whether you need a fast fix for custom fonts on that retro arcade 8-bit classic, or if you are making a slick, high-tech app, this lib has what you need. All the code for the lib is available, so if you want to peek at or even modify the internals, go right ahead. There is a small test program available for both 8bit and 32bit mode that explains all the functions.

Supported Functions:
-Loading of multiple bitmap fonts with variable length character sets and sizes
-Printing with standard text functions
-Left, Center, or Right justification
-Trans/Alpha printing
-Print with either standard rows and columns or raw screen coordinates
-Support for any bitdepth and any screensize that FB supports


Just the Library (4 kb)
Just the Library Source(4 kb)
Just the Example Program(220 kb)

Screenshot(click for full size):