Tera is a small game with no real story or purpose, rather it has more of an arcade feeling to it. It is a simple game that I coded on random inspiration.

Game Story (if it can be called that):
You(the green circle) are the hungry Tera-mamoliny, largest organism of the Bitbytenibble world. You must eat the dynamicaly electrode infused megachow(blue circles) in order to survive. However, the kilotwerps(red circles), are selfish little buggers whom--when they take time out from their random dancing moves--want nothing more than to irritate and then eat you. Luckily, you have the peta-blast on your side(left mouse button). One discharge of this power packed punch and they'll be sorry they ever messed with you. You progress to the next level once you have eaten the required amount of mega-chow.

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Screenshots(click for full size):

Mouse cursor:move
Left mouse button:Fire tera blast